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COOLQO iPhone 11 Case Review – Defense From All Angles

Product: COOLQO Compatible with iPhone 11 Case

Cheapest Place To Buy:

Phone Model: iPhone 11

Size Gaurantee: 90 days warranty (provided)

My Rating: 9.6 out of 10

COOLQO iPhone 11 Case, Product Review

I found myself developing the habit of protecting my phone for damage by all means necessary.That habit has never changed since and that’s always a good thing for me.

The are others besides myself who are aware that a little extra added protection can go a long way. When it comes to phones, there are no exceptions to that. There’s always an opportunity to stay on the lookout for.

The COOLQO iPhone 11 case is something you would call a hybrid and has a 3 in 1 advantage. The reason why it has a 3 in 1 advantage is because of its full body coverage.

The 3 elements that make up the phone case consists of a bottom layer being made up of hard polycarbonate, the middle layer being made of up soft silicone, and the top layer acting as a tempered glass screen protector. All of that put together can ensure a well-guarded phone.

If you happen to be looking for a phone case with those kinds of advantages, then this can prove to be a great match for you.

It’s here that I’ll be taking through the pluses and minuses of having the iPhone 11 Case in this review.

Reasonably Cheap For A 3 in 1 Phone Case

Being cheap and affordable in cost is the most obvious plus. Be careful though because that’s not the case with every product. When you find yourself looking for a case to match your phone type, you want to be sure it’s of good quality.

If you can, go for the best quality that suits your taste. It’s true when people say that you get what you pay for. That’s not always the case because sometimes it can be a matter of buyer beware. That’s definitely not the case here.

With this type of phone case, it’s definitely worth the buy especially when you consider its durability. Sure, you can go for pricier options if you happen to be curious and want to try something new.

You can even do so if you want be a little extra extravagant. Just be sure to take as much consideration as possible.

Another big plus is one that I mentioned earlier and that’s the 3 layers of protection. If you want to ensure that even the hardest surfaces won’t be able to make contact with your phone, then this kind of phone case is an ideal choice.

With the mixture of the layers along with the material each layer is made out of, it helps with giving the phone case an appropriate amount of balance.

Because a phone case like this one has more layers, it’s no surprise that it will take a bit more work. Despite that, it’s still relatively easy to put together and take it apart nonetheless. Just like many others, you can also choose the color.

It’s Not Exactly Within Everyone’s Comfort Zone

As many of us know, there’s no such thing as a perfect product. No matter how much some of us think or at least want to think that way, it’s just a thought which will never happen. A product that has the best suitability may be the closest that any of us will ever get to being perfect.

Just like with any product you may be looking for, there’s always going to be some drawbacks that can cause a bit of a stir to some. This one in particular is no exception to that fact.

I would say that it’s almost impossible to point out drawbacks in this case and that might be true to some. But with closer analyzing, drawbacks really do exist.

Getting into drawbacks, the main drawback in this case has to do with the phone case installation process. It’s the final step of the installation that tends to be where most of the stir can be caused.

This is in reference to the screen protector. The truth is that not all screen protectors are created the same way. Some of them have thicker and stronger layering while others are thinner not as strong.

This is where the phone case’s drawback continues to add on. The screen protectors do happen to be tempered glass. Although there are 2 screen protectors that come with the case, they still have a way of not being to everyone’s particular liking.

That’s when the thought of separately purchasing a different screen protector that still matches the phone case’s compatibility can come into play.

Another drawback that can be a bit mixed is the fact that this product does not have extra features like a built-in kickstand. Now with this kind of missing feature, not everyone will look to this product.

The only thing is that not everyone may be looking for those kinds of add-ons because not everyone is looking for anything that they might deem too fancy. You just can’t win them all.

Overall, It’s Worth The Buy

Many of us tend to be fine with choosing something without having any specific preferences. Then there are many of us who might be a bit on the picky side when making a choice.

One particular product can never really please everyone but it can still have a way of creating something of a following. The same can be said about the Phone 11 Case. I am a true believer in this product and I know that there are many others who love it as well.

I hope that you enjoyed this review. If you have any questions about the iPhone 11 Case case or want to leave your own personal review, feel free to leave a comment.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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The Best Cell Phone Cases: What’s Your Taste?

Some Of Us Know What We’re Looking For While Some Of Us Don’t

When looking for something, many of us tend to know where to start. Some of us are will go with varieties that are easy to find. Some of us tend to be a bit more specific on what we may be looking for. Then there are some of us who just don’t know at all. That can be pretty common with anything. The same can be said when trying to do research on and looking for the best cell phone cases.

So what kinds do you like? Do you prefer to keep things simple? Do you have a precise thought on certain specifics you might be looking for? Do you want to be sure that you’re making the fairest choice? Do you find yourself to be a bit curious and adventurous? Are you combination of some or all of those things?

To be honest with you, being all of those things at one time can seem farfetched. And before some of you might ask, that’s “farfetched” as in the adjective and not “Farfetch’d” as in the pokemon. For those of you who know what I’m talking about, you have that thought now. Does that possibly bring back some memories? It just might. Let’s continue. It’s been said that a phone case can say a lot about a person. I can agree with that but only to a some degree. What do you think about that?

With Variety, There Can Also Be Factors

There is a boundless array of phone case varieties that present themselves. Not all of them are the same though. You want to take into account the kind of phone you have, the phone model compatibility and the size. Sometimes that can be a bit more complicated if you don’t know too much about the phone you own. Not only that but certain phone models tend to end up becoming lesser common over time.

Even with the number of certain models that will eventually become fewer, it still doesn’t particularly hurt the chances of you finding what you might be looking for. I’ll give you a quick tip that can help. When you get a new phone, keep the box that it came in. The box tells you the name and model of the phone you have. It will save you time and stress when you acquire or need to give information on it. Keep it in a place where you can easily find it.

The majority of phone case varieties can easily be researched. Some varieties may take a little more digging into for the simple reason being that there are some that can be a bit more exclusive than most. Some are only available to certain parts of the world. Sometimes it can be a matter of knowing where to look. We’ll tap into some of the different phone case varieties.

You Can Ultimately Choose What You Want

For those of us who like to keep things simple, we might prefer something that doesn’t require much work to put together. Something like a good old fashioned…well…maybe not old fashioned but a simple phone case. A good example is in the review I gave for the iPhone XR Cases previously. Feel free to give it a read if you find yourself interested in doing so. For those of you who are not familiar with what they look like, it’s the image to the right.

Not all phone cases are made out of the same material. More than half of the existing varieties are made out of harder material, slide around a bit more and make more noise when they come in contact with a hard surface. Other varieties can be softer, have more traction and make less noise when they come in contact with a hard surface. Some even have extra added features that can prove to be useful. Finding the perfect phone case is unrealistic. Finding the best one that speaks to you is more realistic.

There are numerous types of material a phone case can be made out of. Many of us don’t really think too much of it because we tend to just look for something sturdy, durable, and can hold up under most conditions. This can vary from case to case and each one has its own unique properties.

PlasticA common material, it’s easy to manufacture and work with. It’s often made of polycarbonate. It’s easily affordable and can be customized.

LeatherThe texture is not as firm but can be more stylish than other material varieties. They can also act as built-in wallets.

Silicone This material is softer and more flexible than most materials. It has great grip and very good traction

Carbon Fiber – It’s highly stiff and  with very strong tensile. It’s known to be stronger than steel and can seem almost weightless.

It Can Go From Simple To Being More Sophisticated

If you happen to find yourself looking for something that has more features than one, then you might be ready to move on and go to the next level. Just know that when you go from something simple to something that’s more sophisticated, it will require you to do just a little more work to put everything together. A perfect example of this would be something like an iPhone 11 Case you see on the left.

Despite the fact that it might seem overwhelming to some, it’s actually not as bad as it might sound. You might surprise yourself and realize that it’s a great match for you especially if you might be aqcuiring all-around protection. It’s not for everyone though. Sometimes it’s a matter of giving certain things a chance.

Your Preference Is Your Own

Technology can be a bit overwhelming to some. With a bit of help on how certain things work, there can be much more ease and clarity. It can be all up to personal preference. If there is a certain material and brand you’re happy with, you can always stick with it. Just know that things change constantly and being ready for it can put you one step ahead.






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Cordking iPhone XR Cases Review – Defending Your Phone

Product: Cordking iPhone XR Cases

Cheapest Place To Buy:

Phone Model: iPhone XR

Size Gaurantee: Lifetime Warranty

My Rating: 9.6 out of 10

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Waterproof Cell Phone Case: A Possible Future Trend

Best Case Scenario

That pun was intended by the way. With all the accessories that exist when it comes to a mobile phone, some have their ways of proving to be real game changers. A good example of that has to do with the waterproof cell phone case. Although it’s not exactly the most popular choice of ally, it’s numbers can grow and its reliability can prove worthy. So when exactly can we expect it to become one of the most talked about phone topics? That’s really hard to tell. We’ll just have to wait and find out.

Some Of Us Know The Feeling While Some Of Us Prefer Not To

Have you ever dropped your handheld mobile device in water? To be honest with you, I can’t really relate to that since I haven’t had that happen to me. For me to be that fortunate for such a long time, I look to keep it that way. I’m still not going to get overconfident about nor am I going to press my luck. Unless I want to play a foolish game, I’m not willing to do that.

The closest that it will ever happen to me is in one of two ways. First, it would have to happen if I was outside in the rain or at least if the ground is very wet with puddles around. Second, I would have to be near a body of water large enough to where the phone can become fully submerged. The chances of either one of those scenarios ever becoming a reality are very low. I’m not saying that it won’t ever happen. I just know how to keep those chances at a minimum.

Then there is an undefined number of us who have had misfortunes similar if not identical to the ones that I’ve described. You may come across internet videos where phones end up in water. That’s not something that I’m ever thrilled to see or be entertained by. Although phones are not the only kind of electronic devices to come in contact with water, the phone is the main focus here.

Water Has Ways To Cause Problems

I’m sure there are many of you who like to keep your phones nearby the swimming pool. That’s where the risk comes in. You know it’s there. You wouldn’t want to accidentally fall in the water while you have your phone on you. Just know that if it does happen, all may not be completely lost. There still could be a chance to save it. You would just have to act as quickly as possible.

Here is where we get into what you can do to possibly save it. If your phone impacts water, you want to retrieve at the soonest time you can. The next thing you want to do is make sure the phone is turned off if it’s not off already. You don’t want to turn it on at any point for any reason. You want to take every possible step to ensure that you’re following through with what you need to do. That’s just for the outside of the phone. Now the focus will be on the water inside the phone where more water could be.

You then want to use a dry towel to minimize the amount of water. The next part has gradually become something of a conflict. It’s said that dry rice should be used to extract as much water out of the phone as possible. The process is supposed to take a time period of up to three days. The conflict is that how effective the rice is at extracting the water from the phone can be dependent on what kind of rice is being used.

Then there’s a second option that’s been gradual in its surface. Silica has become the other talked about method for water extraction from phones. More specifically, silica bags. It’s not clear whether or not silica bags and rice can both be use together. In this case, keeping them separate from each other would be a sensible choice. Like the seemingly conflicting choice of rice, using silica bags can take a time period of up to three days.

After three days, you want to test your phone to find out how it performs. If the phone doesn’t work, then you may have to resort to getting phone insurance if you don’t already have it.

There Comes Times When Added Protection Is Needed

As expected, the kind of protection a mobile device needs can depend on the type of device and the circumstances. If you want to ensure your phone doesn’t get wet, that’s when you might want to invest in having a waterproof phone case. Sure it may seem a bit ridiculous to some, but it’s not something that should be underestimated. You could need for a particular reason.

What if you wanted to take a dive underwater? You might feel like you’ll be in the mood to take some pictures. You just want to be sure not to lose your phone while you’re underwater. There are people who do take pictures underwater. Waterproof phones do exist. If you don’t have one, then that’s when you want to equip yourself with a waterproof phone case.

Although waterproof phone cases can work wonders, they’re ultimately not invincible. Depending on how long the waterproof phone case can last underwater depends on the phone case type. This means that they’re not all created equal. If you have a waterproof phone case, you want to be mindful not to stay underwater for too long. Unfortunately, there are currently no existing phone cases that can last underwater for an unlimited time.

Technology hasn’t really gotten that far yet. We may have to keep in mind that it may never get that far. It’s still not a complete loss though because we still have some leverage to work with. We can only find out if the wait might be worth it.

You Just Might Like It If You Try It

Sometimes there’s just no telling how helpful something can be unless you give it a chance first before completely sidelining the idea. There’s the saying that goes like this: “Don’t knock it ’til you try it.” That can prove to be true in a some cases. It’s a matter of taking everything you can possible into account before making a final decision. Considering the possibilities can be worth it. With a good bit of thought, it could make things easier when there’s always a chance for it to.



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Mobile Cell Phone Tracking: It Can Be A Real Lifesaver

It Happens But Not To Everyone

At some point in time, we lose a possession that belongs to us. Chances are that it may have already happened. Sometimes you can never really expect it. Some things are harder to lose than others. Then there can be a great number of us who are not so careful when it comes to losing something.

That can be true especially when it comes to children. Children can have a higher probability of losing something more often than anyone else. So it might not be the best idea for them to have a device like a cell phone. I really wouldn’t want to spoil my children. As we all know, it’s obvious that it can be very unfortunate for anything to happen to a mobile device. There are solutions to that though. In this case, we’ll be getting to the topic of mobile cell phone tracking.

Sometimes Unfortunate Things Can Happen

Many of us have a habit of becoming a little too attached to our phones. We may even consider them as one of most important possessions we could ever have. But what would happen if you were to unexpectedly lose it? How would you react? How would you handle it?

There are times when a good person does the good deed of returning what you may have lost. There are even those who may go out of their way of doing so by tracking you down somehow which can be very admirable. Unfortunately, not everyone is like that. There’s also little to no chance of that happening either. This is where we keep in mind that there are those who don’t do that for one reason or another.

One possible reason could be because they may not care. Another reason would be because they may want to steal it and take full advantage which is one of the worst possible outcomes. If your phone ends up in the wrong hands, your personal data and information will be at potential risk of being exposed.

Then there’s the possibility of someone losing their phone in a very careless way. It’s one thing to lose it by accident but it’s another thing when someone is so irresponsible that maybe they do deserve to lose it. This is not me trying to be mean. It really does happen that way. Someone could be in a very high place above the ground and even over a body of water.

If a person were to drop their phone in either one of those scenarios, then these situations would be terrible and the chances of being able to retrieve it again will be slim to none.This would count as an example of someone taking something for granted to a degree high enough that it would ultimately lead them to have to learn the hard way. Can you imagine how bad that can hurt? Chances are you can because you most likely had an experience like that at some point in time.

There Are Methods You Can Choose From

Now let’s tap into methods that can be used if it was you who had the misfortune of losing your mobile phone. That can easily turn into a nightmare. Some situations are not as bad as others could potentially be. Sometimes it can depend on the circumstances. Here we can tap into an example of that.

Let’s say that you’re at home and you misplace your phone. You’ve never left your home and you know it’s around somewhere. One solution to finding it would be to use your house phone to dial your mobile phone number. If your phone is set on sound and it’s loud, it should make it much easier to find. Then only action left would be to listen carefully to where the sound is coming from.

If your phone is set on vibrate, that will only make things harder. You would need to hope that the phone is on a hard surface. You would also need to hope that it’s loud enough so you can pinpoint where it could be. If your phone is on either silent or turned off completely, then that will be the most frustrating. Then you won’t be able to find it for a possibly long period of time. You’ll want to consider getting a special phone tracker device, downloading phone tracker software or take to going online for other solutions.

If you were on vacation and you end up being the one to lose your phone, that will become an immediate problem especially if you’re unable to recall when and where you lost it. It can also potentially get worse sooner rather than later especially if it were to fall into the wrong hands. This can count as a worst case scenario. In that situation, your most likely to call you health care provider to report it lost.

This is where we talk about someone else losing their phone and you wanting to help them track it. You can do so by using an app on your phone that you may have installed. You can also choose to use a phone tracking device that you might have with you.

You Might Just Develop An App-etite

Okay, maybe that pun was bad but you’ll get where I’m going with this one. Comedy is not easy. Going back to apps, there are a number of phone tracker apps you can choose from. Keep in mind that some apps don’t have GPS trackers so you want to go for the ones that do. This can be very helpful when you’re trying to help someone who may have lost their phone and vice versa. Let’s talk a little about what some of them are:

Google Maps – An app many of us are familiar with, it highly accurate since it has Wi-Fi and GPS. You can also track down more than one device at a time. One big plus about this app is that it doesn’t cost anything to download it.

Find My Phone – This app is pretty straightforward just by its name. Compatible with other Android devices, it can focus on the live location of the target. It also provides regular updates on the location of the lost device 

Find My Device – This is another app straightforward by its name. Similar to the Find My Phone app, this one can also be used to track the lost device’s location especially if the location is live. There is also no cost to downloading it and compatible with Android.

Glympse – This app is a lesser know but can be very useful. You can access its location tracking activity using the app’s online dashboard. It’s compatible with Windows, iOS, and Android devices.

It’s Always Good To Be Prepared

Many of us tend to be confident that we won’t lose our valuables. Sometimes we can be a little too confident. You always want to know what to do just in case it does ever happen to you. Sometimes you can even be the most careful as you can be and still somehow end up being unfortunate enough. Those odds are ultimately very low but they exist nonetheless. You can still be in control. It’s never a bad idea to have a back up plan.

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Cell Phone Hacks: Do You Want To Be Amazed?

There’s Far More To Your Device Than You Might Think

Commonly, all of us will typically talk or text on our mobile devices often. It’s one of the many ways for us to stay in contact with one another. For a number of us, that can be just about as far as it could ever go. It doesn’t have to be that way especially if your device can allow you to do more than just talk and text.

I’m sure that many of us know about hacks. And before you ask, no, I’m not talking about hackers in this case. That’s always a bad thing and no one ever wants to be in let alone deal with that kind of situation. In this case, let’s talk about the good kinds. To be specific, there are what we tend to call life hacks. To be even more specific, let’s explore cell phone hacks.

The reality of it is that many of us if not most of us actually don’t really know too many of them. Many of us may not even realize that there are certain hacks that we’ve already been utilizing and possibly for a while. It’s no surprise if we were to get curious in finding out  about more because that’s what we tend to do when it comes to anything they might peak out interest.

There’s No Telling Exactly How Many Hacks There Actually Are

As mentioned before, technology is always evolving. The more tools and gadgets that are created, the more we can expand on learning new tricks. That way, we can have even more ability as well as increased leverage when it comes to utilizing them. There are so many out there that any of us can take a chance on. If you ever wonder exactly how many life hacks, or in this case, how many cell phone hacks actually exist, you’re never really going to know the exact number.

Let’s Talk About Some You Might Know And Some You Might Not

Many cell phones have features. Many of them are easy to access while some are hidden. For certain ones that are hidden, you may have to follow certain steps to unlock those features. Phone features can also act as hacks to a certain degree. So what are some mobile phone hacks that you might already know verses some that you may not know or never even heard of? Let’s find out.

Downloading Apps – You most likely know this one. There are hundreds to even thousands of apps that you can choose from. Just be careful of which ones because certain ones will spy on you.

Navigation – Commonly used, your cell phone can act as a GPS. If you need directions to get somewhere, your phone has you covered.

Camera – You likely also know this one. You can take pictures using this feature. You can also download apps that improve your camera quality.

Grocery List – This one is lesser known but it is utilized. You might make a list on your phone using Quick Memo. Apps like Grocery Gadget can help.

Restroom Location – This one is also lesser known. This app ranks restrooms by how clean or how dirty they are.

Dashcam – Chances are you use navigation on your phone. Your phone can also act as dashcam once you download the app(s) for it. It’s very useful for driving.

Gives Some New Ones A Try And Experiment With Them

There are always new things to try. You may find yourself doing some research to see what comes up. Other things are worth trying. They can even make your life easier. Step outside of your comfort zone.


How To Protect Your Phone From Hackers: What Ways Would You Choose?

No One Wants To Be A Target

The truth is, it can happen to any one of us especially when we don’t think it will. So how would you protect your phone from hackers? It can be instinctive to acquire security to prevent hacking because you have information that you would not want to be exposed. There are many smart and dedicated hackers that often choose at random. They will find any and every way of locking on to their targets so they can capitalize. If you ever wonder exactly how many there are, no one will ever really know because the answer to that always turns out to be undefined.

The fact that it can happen both when you least expect it and without warning is where it tends to be the most complicated. Since technology continues to evolve over time, we learn to adapt and change with it. Hackers will also do the same thing. They will use it to their advantage for their own personal agenda. Hackers, especially the most determined ones, can even gain the ability of breaking past even the toughest computer software defenses.

The Are Numerous Ways Of Being Hacked

Using Hacking Software: A common method that tends to be used. To make matters worse, there happens to be a lot of free software at their disposal that can be easily accessed.

Phishing: A common method that is done by sending e-mails and/or text messages to phones.

SIM Card Hacking: A method in which the hacker can contact you phone provider and request a new SIM card in order to deactivate your old one. Once the hacker successfully has the new SIM card, your phone number will ultimately be stolen.

Bluetooth: This method is done when the hacker is within your phone range. The hacker may also use software to achieve this. Once the hacker has connection to your bluetooth, your information is exposed and in danger.

You Can Choose Ways To Prevent Being Hacked

Password Protection: A method that is very common. It is highly effective and can serve as the first line of defense. Using a passcode is the often the most preferred choice. Face and fingerprint identifiers may also be used but hackers can find ways around those methods. Passcodes are usually best. Ideally, you want to create a passcode that has more than for digits and are not easy to guess.

Phone Tracking Apps: A method that proves very useful when you want to know where your phone is at all times. Without phone tracking apps, it could be too late to save your phone if you already lose it.

VPN: A method that can be more commonly used for devides like computers and laptops, they also be useful for phones. Short for “Virtual Private Network”, it allows you to use another internet connection in the place of your own.

Keeping Your Phone With You: It means exactly how it sounds. The best ways not to lose your phone is to have it in your possession either at all times or as often as possible. You can carry it with you even if you’re only just at home.

You Can Stop Trouble Before You Find Yourself In It

Using one method or more than one method of prevention will give you the leverage you need keep yourself from becoming an easy target. Unfortunately, some of the most persistent hackers will still go after even the hardest targets. It’s still better to make yourself as hard of a target as possible. Life hacks can be a great counter to prevent from being hacked. Does this encourage you? It’s up to you to make those moves.


The Best Device Protection: Grow Your Mobile Defense Army

The Advantages Of Having Added Device Protection

Phone ProtectionThere are numerous advantages that can work in your favor. Added protection can act as a line of defense. One big advantage is that added protection will save a considerable amount of money and time. No one really wants to spend time or money fixing something that can be prevented from being broken. Another advantage is that added protection is actually cheaper than when something more serious happens. It can be surprising just how much added protection can make things easier.

Unfortunately, there are many of us who don’t take those advantages until after something happens. Even worse, some just simply never take any advantage at all even if something does happen. That can be a real shame. It’s understandable that some necessities are not easily available or accessible. When that’s the case, they may need to be acquired in other ways and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Protecting What’s Fragile

There are possessions that we surely have that we want to try to keep in the best condition possible. So we may go to extra or even all lengths to make sure nothing happens to them. Many of us can find it hard to go or live without the things that we both use often and consider to be among the most important. Phones are a great example. They are very useful and can difficult to be without. We often don’t realize that sometimes we do take things for granted even if we don’t mean to. Then there are others who do realize it and decide to continue doing so anyway.

Some of the most fragile things may just turn out to be necessities that are needed often. Sometimes we forget about these thoughts and sometimes it’s not until we lose something that we start to realize how much we become attached to them. To some of us, it might sound a bit much. To some of us, maybe it doesn’t sound that way at all. There’s no denying that there is so much truth to that.

Unfortunately, not all of the most fragile things can be protected. Something can still happen even when we are trying to do everything within our power to prevent anything unfortunate. Then there are some circumstances that can be beyond our control. For the circumstances that we can control, it’s up to us to do everything we can to take all of the necessary steps that need to be taken. It’s easier said than done.

First Line Of Defense


A mobile device case like a cell phone case can serve as a good start for many people to go with. There are of course many different types of cases depending on the device. Unfortunately, many people can also have a tendency to stop there because they may think that a device case is or will be enough. As it turns out, that’s not entirely true. It can provide protection to a certain degree but a device with a protective case can still crack if it happens to land face down on solid ground hard enough.

Many of us like to take that chance, many of us prefer not to, and many of us don’t really think much about it at all. Sometimes a person’s choice of device case may not exactly be ideal because there are some varieties that are not as strong and not as durable as others can be. Always go for the one’s that suit your device the best. Since many of us love to have a cell phone case, we tend to have fun with it.

Second Line Of Defense

A device screen protector is also an ideal barrier that can prove to be very helpful. Unfortunately, a lot of device users don’t go any further than that. A possible common reason could be because they may think that just because they may not have a protective case for their device, device screen protectors can act as a substitute or replacement. As it turns out, that’s also not entirely true. A screen protector can only do but so much. Many don’t realize that. Then there are those who do but choose to take a chance on it anyway.

There are nearly half a dozen different types of screen protectors depending on the device. It’s important to know which kinds of device screen protectors work best for you because they all have different properties even though they all ultimately serve the same purpose. Tempered glass screen protectors tend to be one of the strongest and one of the best. One layer of screen protection tends to be enough but there’s also nothing wrong with going as far as having two layers of screen protection at the most if that’s what you want to do.

An example of this would be using a combination of both a tempered glass screen protector and a flexible film screen protector simultaneously on a phone. If you wanted to use those two particular types of screen protectors at the same, the most ideal way of using them is by putting the tempered glass protector on the phone screen first and then follow it up by putting the flexible film protector on top of the tempered glass one. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with experimenting with combinations of two. Some combinations work well together while some just simply don’t work well at all. It can be a matter of trial and error.

Arm Your Device. Suit It Up With Armor.

There are some things that just can never be replaced. Just like you want to protect yourself as much as possible, you can also do that for the things that are most important to you. Your device can be one of those important things. Unfortunately, there are going to be misfortunes. Some of them can be completely unexpected and hard to avoid. However, it’s very possible for some of them to be avoided and prevented when you can take a proactive approach. If you’re going to get a new device, having all the necessary protection first before you actually have your device can be a real game changer. Stay on guard and armor up.

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About Phone Shielding Armor

Hello, everyone. My name is Tyre and welcome to my website. Mobile protection has been a passion for me ever since I started using a mobile phone. I created this site so that mobile device users have somewhere to come to any time they may be looking for necessities that can help protect their phones and other devices from any physical damage. That way it can help save time and money. Mobile devicess have evolved over the years and many of us use them literally every day. Many of us can be a little extra cautious and worried about dropping our phones. When that happens, that can increase the likelihood of causing your phone to be physically damaged and to be taken to get repaired.

A Little Back Story

Over the years, I have purchased several different mobile devices. One day, I would also start going the extra mile and purchase necessities like phone cases and screen protectors to prevent physical damage to my phone. I thought to myself that I don’t want to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars fixing something if I can avoid it by getting all the necessary protection for it ahead of time. Cell phones are a very good example. I tend to be very careful not to let anything happen to any mobile device that I use. Out of all the phones that I’ve had over the years, I’ve only dropped one which would end up cracking. Many of us have been in that situation before. This phone of mine was a touch screen. As unfortunate as that was, it turns out that it was about time for me to upgrade to a newer phone anyway. The timing just happened to be about right and I can say that I got lucky that time. After all, I did have the phone for a while. That was still enough for me to develop the habit of getting the necessary phone protection needed to ensure that the chances of me physically damaging it would be slim to none. I’ve learned and have been a stickler about it since then.

Why Do I Want To Help?

It’s pretty simple. For those of us who have been in a situation where a mobile device has taken damage, that device may need to be repaired or  even completely replaced. I don’t want that to happen to you. Even if you haven’t been in that situation before, then with my help, you won’t ever have to be. Taking away from my experience, if I can save you the trouble now, you will be golden later.

The Goal Of Phone Shielding Armor

As I mentioned earlier, I want to help everyone who are looking to save themselves time and money by providing all the necessities they may be looking for to protect their mobile devices. It can make life easier and that’s what I want to do.

If you ever need a hand or have ay questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

To having full protective armor,


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