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What Makes TikTok A Toxic Platform?

TikTok Is A Worldwide Phenomenon

The TikTok platform is one of the biggest the world has ever seen. If you think about it, you might compare that to something else that is close or similar in popularity.

When people think of “TikTok”, the first thing that most likely comes to mind is the massive platform before thinking of the song “Tik Tok” by Kesha. In this case, this is being based specifically on the word’s spelling.

That would be like the equivalence of other similar scenarios. For example, when people think of “Frozen”, the first thing that comes to mind is the movie and not Madonna’s song “Frozen”.

Although both are popular in their own rights, in terms of what level, they may be either different from or close to each other. Opinions vary.

For another example, when people think of “Toto”, the first thing that might come to mind is the music band and not Dorothy Gayle’s pet Terrier dog in “The Wizard Of Oz”. Or it could be vice versa.

The popularity between two or more things can be a matter of opinion. Votes and polls could also further make it interesting in order to find out what other enthusiasts might think and say.

How Did TikTok Start?

The idea and inspiration came from a now non-existent social platform that many people remember as simply Vine. It was a platform where the concept of it consisted of short and vertical videos.

The concept of TikTok is the same one used by Vine as it was adopted. This would lead to TikTok being a huge success.

Unfortunately, there was a substantial disagreement between platform users and all who ran the platform. This would lead to missed opportunity.

The ultimate reason why Vine collapsed was due to the site not being willing to give monetization a chance. This would leave an opening for other platforms to capitalize on the opportunity and make use of Vine’s concept.

There’s Plenty To Love About TikTok

Just like other platform giants, TikTok is also a massive space where anyone can make content and share it with others. A phone is an easy first choice for making content with.

Anyone can be on the platform. If you intend to gain an audience at a quicker rate, then it’s a good place to start. It’s commonly used for fun and entertainment. However, there are other ways it can be utilized.

If you want to make income from it, you can do it. If you have a talent you want people to see, you can share it.

If you want to promote your business, you can do so. If you want to entertain others and make them laugh, it can be done.

TikTok can also be used to bring others together from many parts of the world. Purpose can make a difference.

Just like with all major platforms, there are guidelines that have to be followed. Not all guidelines are going to be agreed upon, but the ones that are needed are necessary.

How Can TikTok Be Toxic?

Just like there are many upsides, there are also expected to be downsides. They can affect not only just users who have accounts, but they can even affect others who don’t.

One of the biggest types of TikTok trends is when people participate in challenges. To say that this can be a double-edged sword is a complete understatement.

It can be easy to do something to get attention. When young audiences fail to understand what they are getting themselves into, it can become an issue quickly.

There are many trends from other platforms that have inevitably made their ways to TikTok and even more will eventually emerge. Many can be fun, some can result in causing harm, and some can result in loss of life.

One example is the “Blackout Challenge”. It is one of the most well known, notorious, and dangerous TikTok challenges. It is also one of the longest trending social media challenges.

It’s existed even before the age social media. Once some of the big social media platforms were created and drew massive audiences, this lead to social media challenges becoming forever ingrained in popular culture.

As you may have guessed, the “Blackout Challenge” has resulted in dire and irreversible consequences. This challenge is one of a number of challenges that have resulted in deaths of young teens and children.

There are many existing internet challenges that are capable of causing the same thing. It just begs questions like “What’s next?”, “When?”, “How?”, and “Why?”.

Many of these unfortunate events could have been preventable. Unfortunately, many trend followers can habitually go in to something completely blind.

Some do things knowing what the risks are and still take them. When lack of common sense fails, ignorance succeeds.

Then there are instances of unfriendliness. There are users that can negatively impact other users regardless of how big or small.

One example is what transpired with Tiao Cruz. For those of you who might not remember or be familiar with the name, he’s a singer and songwriter.

Just like many others, he decided to join the TikTok party and gain a following of his own. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with doing something so harmless. Unfortunately, those intentions were met with an overwhelmingly negative response completely out of nowhere.

What made it even worse was how Cruz’s intentions were not even intended to provoke others or were found to be offensive in any way. This was a case of hate and bullying.

It was complete mistreatment of someone who just simply wanted to make his way on the platform just like everyone else only to be met with an unfair reception.

This would only become worse after it took an unimaginable toll on Cruz. Not only did it cause him to withdraw from the platform, it also resulted in him having thoughts of suicide. Nothing like this incident should ever be the case.

Can The Toxicity Be Stopped?

The answer to that is easily complicated. Although it can potentially be minimized, completely stopping it will likely always be a pipe dream.

There’s no such thing as a perfect platform. TikTok itself, its founders, developers, and all who are involved running it can always do better. Changes happen and ideally should be applied to where it really counts.

It’s important to address and handle all serious issues that can be a detriment to the TikTok community.

Although it is true that sometimes it may take certain things to happen, it’s smart to both think ahead and harder so that the worry level is low or even nonexistent.

It’s not always as easy as it sounds but there is always something that can be set in place to further drive the effort of making the platform and its community just little safer and healthier.

Do you have any thoughts? Any and all are welcome to be shared. Necessary and additional updates will be made if there are any significant shifts or changes pertaining to the platform. Thank you, dear readers!

10 replies on “What Makes TikTok A Toxic Platform?”

Hey, stumbled upon your article about what makes TikTok a toxic platform, and I’ve gotta say, it’s spot-on! You really hit the nail on the head by addressing the various aspects of toxicity on the platform, from cyberbullying to unrealistic beauty standards. I appreciate how you didn’t shy away from tackling these tough issues head-on. Your insights into the negative impact on mental health and self-esteem are so important, especially in today’s social media-driven world.

One key point that resonated with me was your discussion on the echo chamber effect and how it can perpetuate harmful behaviors and attitudes. It got me thinking: what steps do you think TikTok could take to foster a more positive and inclusive environment for its users? Also, I’m curious about your thoughts on the responsibility of content creators and influencers in promoting healthier online interactions. Keep up the fantastic work—I’ll definitely be sharing this article with my friends!

These are some of the things I’m especially passionate about touching on. For any content creator and influencer, the first step is staying true to his or herself. When you “Fake it ’til you make it”, that can lead to problems later. Providing value of some kind always helps. Thank you for sharing!

Hello Tyre, 

It is undeniable that TikTok has become a cultural phenomenon, capturing the attention of millions worldwide. The comparison to Vine is obvious, highlighting the evolution and adaptation of short-form video content. TikTok’s appeal lies in its accessibility and potential for creativity, allowing anyone to participate and showcase their talents or share their humour.

However, with great popularity comes responsibility, and the discussion around TikTok’s potential toxicity is important. The prevalence of challenges, while often entertaining, can also pose serious risks, especially to younger users who may not fully understand the consequences. The tragic outcomes of challenges like the “Blackout Challenge” underscore the need for heightened awareness and moderation.

I am pleased you are sharing such a powerful message with your audience. Thank you!

These are just some of the things that I’m especially passion about discussing because it’s important to make others aware. Social media can get out of control at any point and it can create an unhealthy atmosphere. 

We can always go back and use these facts as a reminder that balance and safety is what we need. Thank you for reading!

HI! I couldn’t agree more with your review about TikTok. I’ve avoided getting on it myself, because I’m afraid I could get pulled in and spend hours and hours watching videos. That is no way to spend my life. So it could quickly become toxic for me. I have heard of these “challenges” as I listen to talk radio. Some of them are so dangerous to themselves, but sometimes to others. I remember one challenge a few years ago was to post a video in a grocery story of opening a carton of ice cream, licking the top, and then putting it back in the freezer for someone to buy. Now, I check the seal on ice cream because of that video! And the bullying? Well, that’s a whole other story. 

Great awareness post! 

– Scott

Hello this is a very interesting post. Personally I think that all of social media is toxic. That would even include youtube. As well as reddit. Obviously there’s lots of good things about it but I think that there are a lot of bad things about it as well. Personally I think the world would be better off without social media

It’s true that toxicity happens on all platforms. Pros and cons do exist everywhere. There are other parts of the world that don’t use any form modern technology and are doing just fine. But in most of the world, it tends to be more relied on.

Hello Tyre. As you have said in the post, it is easy for something to go awry or become harmful when dealing with such a large amount of people on one platform. Unfortunately most people do not think ahead about what their actions may cause or how their actions will affect someones life. I am just now venturing into the world of social media with this new training here at Wealthy Affiliate so I am not well versed in everything that has been transpiring on the TikTok platform. I have been shown some crazy videos by some of my friends that they found while browsing on TikTok, but I personally have never searched the platform on my own to check it out. The most social media engagement I do normally is scroll through my Facebook feed and text on messenger. That being said I am pretty much a caveman when it comes to the ability to utilize a platform like TikTok to create a following or to promote my brand. I hope to learn more and this post opened my eyes to a few things to try and stay clear of when getting involved with TikTok here in the days to come. If you have any suggestions that could help me in my adventure into social media please feel free to reach out to me. I will be needing all the help I can get and you seem to know a bit about how things work with TikTok.

Social media is always going to be challenging no matter how it’s looked at. I can’t say I’m one of the greatest experts but I can always share my experiences.

We just have to keep in mind what platforms we still have access to versus the one that may be eventually banned or defunct. Getting an idea of how other platforms work can better equip you just in case you decide to use them. 

It’s never too late to expand your reach if you want to grow a following. We can always give one another tips of the trade and advice when it comes to social media. 

There’s never any shame in learning from each other. People can experience things that others don’t or haven’t yet. We just need remind ourselves what we want to achieve when we want to take the next step. That goes for you, me, and many others.

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